Monday, February 18, 2013

Different stakeholders, different "driverless cars" goals

Let’s list all possible good or bad reasons for driving a driverless car. Let’s also map them to the steps defined in a previous post: Driverless cars for the next decades in 4 steps

step 0: today’s self parking feature and Google carsstep 1: partially autonomous driverless carsstep 2: everyone can operate a driverless carstep 3: shared driverless cars and transforming our way of life
* eliminating accidents.
* relieving drivers from a tedious task.
* allow elders and kids to be transported without any driver.
* more traffic at the same time on roads.
* more fuel efficient driving.
* less cars in cities.
* getting the car tailored for the task you need.

step 1: partially autonomous driverless cars

From what can be read on the news the main goal of:
  • today’s drivers is to get relieved from the sometimes tedious task of driving, especially in traffic jam or on highways.
  • car manufacturers is about security:
    • Volvo’s vision: “no one is killed or injured in a new Volvo by 2020”
    • Continental foresee “a safer, more efficient and more comfortable future” due to driverless cars.
    • Mercedes, who will probably commercialize the first self driving car has no stated vision as far as I know.

It’s interessant to see that there are different goals between drivers and car manufacturers, but what does it means?

  • Do car manufacturers are aware of drivers’ goal?
  • Do acknowledging the fact that driving is boring, dangerous for car manufacturers’ business?
  • Do they want to aim their goal towards something more consensual?

What are the goals of governments?


  1. Only an accountant could think that a driverless car is a good idea. I know I will be in the minority but there is no way, in this world or the next that I will a) trust a car to drive me safely to where I need to be b) want to be ferried about in a computer controlled 'private bus'. I love driving and I will not give that up just because Volvo have produced a car that they believe to be 'Idiot proof'.

    1. I address your point in one of my other posts: "The revenge of faster horses"

      let's not forget this quote from Henry Ford: "If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they'd have asked for a faster horse."

      Or this one from Steve jobs: "A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them."

  2. That's absolutely true, if OEMs don't pay attention to the real needs of the consumer then obviously the time , money & efforts spent won't fetch any profits or benefits to the community