Monday, April 29, 2013

How did I buy a cheaper driverless car

The first commercialized driverless cars, will probably be “driverless” only on highway and traffic jams. They will need to be able to be both “manual” and driverless. In the following years or decades, fully driverless cars will be available. “Fully driverless” means that the car is able to drive from any point A to any point B completely autonomously with no need of any driver interaction except entering the destination.

When this point of fully autonomous cars is reached, maybe will it be possible for unlicensed driver to operate the driverless car (which means: just entering its destination). Unlicensed means not having any driving licence or driving education.

When driverless cars can be operated by unlicensed operators with a plain standard smartphone, why would driverless cars need a steering wheel, brake pedals, consoles displaying speed or rpms, etc...?

For sure this will have an impact on the price of the car...